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I was born in Slovakia but have been living in Ireland since 2005. I started learning web design in 2006. Gradually, I was devoting more and more time to it, both learning new tools and technologies; and working on various projects - from graphic design, to e-Commerce platforms development and SEO. In 2012 I set up Factor Pi, my own web design and development studio. It was a natural transition, where Factor Pi really serves as a branding umbrella to present my work in a more focussed and professional way.

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Why web design?

Internet technology is becoming easily accessible to everyone to present, share or find information; and to connect with other people. What I most love about the Web is that it brings a voice back to the individual and in that sense makes us all equal. Our "virtual identity" then becomes a result of the energy, creativity and passion we put into it.

I take a great satisfaction in developing for the web because it is a medium where I get to mix both Art and Technology in my work, sharing my creativity, knowledge and passion.


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Dundalk, Co.Louth, IRELAND