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Irish based Web Designer and Developer

I started with web design in year 2006 and since then I have gradually gone through a learning curve which has brought me to becoming a self employed web designer and developer also called as freelancer. And what is the Factor Pi creative studio? Well that’s me again under my branding umbrella developed to present myself in more memorable and professional way.

Web design and development

I use a clear and informative style in my design to achieve a visual result which is artistic and elegant, and is not taking the emphasis away from the informational content. My intention is to build beautiful websites based on user friendly functionality and custom web design, all powered by the latest technologies and trends.

I love the challenge of creating a great website with unique design and a functionality to suit client's specific needs. All my projects are a unique blend of Art, Technology, Experience and Knowledge.

My web design work is based on the most popular web frameworks that offer high quality CMS (content management system) functionality and enable you to manage your website content without any knowledge of programming languages. Scalable templates, also called Responsive design, make your website friendly for mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.


Factor Pi portfolio - Babylonia
Factor Pi portfolio - Paul Woods art
Factor Pi portfolio - Reiki healing Eret
Factor Pi portfolio - Outdoor sport shop
Factor Pi portfolio - Luan school of art

Why web design?

Internet technology is amazingly accessible for everyone to present, share or find information, and to connect with other people. What I most love about the Internet is that it brings a voice back to the individual and in that sense makes us all equal. In this way, our "virtual identity" is foremost of our own making, and a result of our creativity and passion.

I take great satisfaction in web design because it is the best mix of Art and Technology, bringing to life a new world of creativity, knowledge, sharing, entertainment and much more.


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Dundalk, Co.Louth, IRELAND